Marleyfield Care Home for Willmott Dixon

01/04/2021 – This project is now nearing completion.

The job comprises of IKO Hot Melt System to the main roof and balconies with a sedum green roof.

Bespoke PPC aluminium gutters and rainwater goods which were made here, by Lester Cladding, in our in house fabrication workshop.

Bespoke cappings to the whole roof area with bespoke façade and pillar detailing to the entrance and walkway areas. Again fabricated by Lester Cladding.

Bespoke PPC aluminium soffit details including drip angles and feature trims. Again, fabricated by Lester Cladding.

Exits onto the balcony areas comprise of an IKO Hot Melt system with foam glass insulation and a paving slab area laid by Lester Cladding.

20/11/2020 – Our first green roof!

This job involves Hot Melt Waterproofing – this is something that at Lester Cladding we have trained our employees and subcontractors in.

The hot melt is a unique blend of Bitumen, fillers, rubbers, polymers and performance enhancers – 40% of which are recycled.

The material is laid onto a concrete substrate, with a rapid setting time, and once set, will last the the lifetime of the structure. It is laid seamlessly – all layers being hot bonded meaning water is unable to track beneath.

Overall, a revolutionary product.

Marleyfield Care Home in Buckley, using IKO Permatec on the Roof.