Fabrication: Custom-Made Flashings Meticulously Designed to Fit Your Project's Specifications

Lester Cladding Ltd benefit from utilising an onsite manufacturing and fabrication facility at Lester Cladding’s HQ, which is ran by Lester Cladding Supplies Ltd.  Specialising in custom fabrications, Lester Cladding Supplies Ltd proudly cater to a diverse clientele, including their affiliated companies, Lester Cladding Ltd and Lester Cladding North West Ltd, as well as esteemed partners such as TATA Steel.

The commitment to delivering exceptional products and services provides the best value for our client’s investments. From maintaining competitive pricing to ensuring efficient lead times, we prioritise our clients’ needs and offer a reliable delivery service.

As a family-run business, we hold dear the values of integrity, lasting relationships, and the highest standards of service and product excellence.

Using our expertise and experience, we relentlessly pursue innovation and cutting-edge solutions to meet the dynamic demands of the construction industry, exploring pioneering technologies and eco-friendly alternatives to traditional construction practices.Our passion for the craft is evident in every project we undertake, where we take pride in crafting tailored solutions to address unique challenges.

With our expertise, we infuse a personal touch into every roofing project, offering bespoke made flashings, that are meticulously designed to fit your project’s specifications, encompassing shape, angles, dimensions, coating, and colour.

Our dedication to craftsmanship and attention to detail showcases our aptitude in creating bespoke details, such as shingles and secret fix soffit planks, that give a distinctive and captivating finish upon any structure.