Inspiring The Next Generation In Construction

At Lester Cladding, we take immense pride in fostering strong connections with our local schools to inspire and educate the younger generation about the endless opportunities within the construction industry.

Through various initiatives and programs, we aim to demonstrate just how prosperous and rewarding a career in construction can be for both girls and boys.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusivity drives us to encourage students from all backgrounds to explore their potential in this dynamic field.

One of the ways we collaborate with schools is through regular school site visits, where students meet members of our team and get a first hand experience of our construction projects.

They witness the complexities involved in creating impressive structures and learn about the diverse roles within our team, from architects and engineers to project managers and skilled tradespeople.

We also offer apprenticeship programs, connecting aspiring students with our experienced professionals who provide guidance and support throughout their educational journey.

By collaborating with local schools and promoting the vast potential within the construction industry, Lester Cladding is committed to nurturing a diverse and talented workforce for the future.

We firmly believe that by encouraging both girls and boys to explore the opportunities within construction, we can create a thriving and inclusive industry that drives innovation, creativity, and prosperity for generations to come.