Building A Greener, Healthier Future
Photovoltaic Roof at Lester Cladding


At Lester Cladding, sustainability has become the cornerstone of our identity as a construction firm.

We take immense pride in the strides we have made on our journey towards becoming a more eco-friendly and responsible company.

From the early stages of project planning to the final execution, we have integrated sustainable practices at every step of the construction process.

Our commitment to minimising our environmental impact has led us to adopt greener building materials, energy-efficient technologies, and innovative construction methods that reduce our carbon footprint.

We continually push the boundaries of what it means to be a sustainable construction business, constantly seeking out new and improved ways to achieve our carbon-neutral goals.

Our research and development team consistently explores cutting-edge technologies and eco-friendly alternatives to traditional construction practices. Additionally, we actively collaborate with like-minded partners, sharing our expertise and knowledge to further the cause of sustainability in the construction industry as a whole.

Our vision is not just about building structures; it’s about building a greener, healthier future for generations to come.