Project Management: Our Approach and Realisation

At Lester Cladding we manage our projects in 3 ways; the sophisticated technology of a project planning software, our dedicated Health & Safety management app Inndex, and our on site, experienced Project Managers.


  • Using Microsoft Projects Plan 3 enables us to streamline our project deliverables, by securely collaborating with our clients from virtually anywhere. We utilise the software to create sophisticated programmes and cost forecasts.
  • Our dedicated Health & Safety management app Inndex, provides us with an end to end, cloud based, digital communication channel between managers and teams by allowing workers to arrive on site, pre-enrolled, inducted and fully compliant and keeps them connected, updated and most importantly, safe at all times.


  • Our on site, experienced Project Managers play a pivotal role in ensuring the success of every brief from inception to completion. Their profound knowledge of the construction industry enables them to seamlessly align all phases, applying industry-specific processes and principles to meticulously plan and execute each project.