Unleashing The Power Of Photovoltaic Technology

At Lester Cladding, we are committed to sustainability and reducing our environmental impact, which is why we have adopted Photovoltaic (PV) technology.

Photovoltaic technology is a clean and renewable energy solution that harnesses sunlight to generate electricity. By utilising this technology, we can produce clean energy without emitting harmful greenhouse gases or relying on finite fossil fuels.

Our decision to invest in a 96 kWp photovoltaic system, commissioned by Kingspan Insulated Panels UK & Ireland, aligns perfectly with our mission to contribute to a greener future.

The 96 kWp photovoltaic system installed at Lester Cladding allows us to make significant strides towards reducing our carbon footprint. Annually offsetting 39,377 kgCO2, this solar panel system not only helps us meet our sustainability goals but also demonstrates our dedication to being a responsible construction firm.

We chose Kingspan Insulated Panels UK & Ireland for the purchase, installation, and commissioning of the PV system due to their expertise and reputation in delivering high-quality renewable energy solutions.

With this PV system in place, we are taking proactive steps to protect the environment while enjoying the benefits of clean and cost-effective electricity generation.